Midnight Jeweller by Carol Spicuzza

The contact with the divine feminine of the previous painting has led to a vision of the source of life. This painting seems to be a portrait of Sophia or Brid. It is said that she was with God in the beginning and was co-creator with him. She is a kind of primal unity that created the multiplicity of all things; the visible world is created in her pattern. Sophia animates the material world with soul. She was thought to be the Mother who brought the universe to completion and the aspect of god that brooded over the waters during its creation. She is the wholeness that underlies spirit and matter and that makes them two aspects of the same reality.

Historically, the divine, creative element in woman was symbolized by her milk. It is her spiritual essence. Also, water, as the heavenly ocean is an image of Sophia. You may have noticed that the cosmos is behaving like a body of water in which she is immersed. As the drops of milk fall downward, i.e. manifest into the material world, they transform into a diamond (see detail). The diamond is another symbol for the potential wholeness we've been speaking of, a reminder that she is the pattern of our fate. Why a diamond? The diamond is an ancient symbol of the Self, the union of the opposites within the psyche. The natural diamond is an octahedron, which is actually two pyramids joined at their bases. This is like two opposites coming together, and it shows their union.

Later I read this in the Gnostic texts, the Nag Hammadhi: It is from the Sophia of Jesus and is about where the soul came from. It reads, "I have awakened that drop that was sent from Sophia that it might bear much fruit through me." And this from the Apocalypse of Adam, a text where Adam tells Seth where Adam came from, "And the fifth kingdom says of him that he came from a drop from Heaven. He was thrown into the sea. He is a drop that came from Heaven to Earth."