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VISIONARIES at Queensborough Community College Art Gallery, opening Friday, June 22 and running through September 15, 2012




A R T    A N D    A R T I S T S

Society for Art of Imagination, visionary and fantastic art

Olga Spiegel

Walter King

Carol Spicuzza Online Shop at Saatchi

Carol Spicuzza Gallery at Saatchi

Carol Spicuzza Gallery at Surrealism Now

Carol Spicuzza at the Arts Council of Indianapolis

Harrison Center for the Arts


Listen to WBUR Boston's program on C.G. Jung's newly released The Red Book, Liber Novus.

This book is a record in word and image of Jung's inner life between 1914 and 1930 on which all of his subsequent work is based. Read more about it at the Philemon Foundation.


Dreamtime, Carol 's art on PBS

Gary Sparks, Jungian analyst

Philemon Foundation, dedicated to preparing for publication the Complete Works of C.G. Jung

Peter Birkhauser, Swiss artist and friend of Jung

Jung on YouTube

Search engine for Jung's Collected Works

The Jung Center of Houston

Central Indiana Friends of Jung

The International Association for Jungian Studies


University of Kansas Image Gateway

The National Inventory of Continental European Paintings

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography

F E L L O W    T R A V E L L E R S

Four Circles, the website of poet and dreamer, Bruce Jones

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